Monthly Archives: August 2014

Tales from the toilet seat

I hardly buy newspapers anymore as it is much more convenient to check their online version whenever I feel like I need to catch up with the current news. Nothing wrong with this, but, I must admit I miss ‘La Repubblica’ friday insert, surprisingly named  “Il Venerdì’, i.e “Friday”. My dad, who’s an avid Repubblica […]

simple and sure

I’m not a native english speaker, in fact, I’m Italian, and although I studied English Language and Literature at University, I never lived abroad for a long period. I consider myself to be pretty good at writing in my native language, and this blog could be much less hassle for me if it was in […]

my fever pitch

I live in Rome, Italy, and I’m supposed to be an AS Roma or SS Lazio supporter. In fact, I’m not. I could be a Juventus fan, Juve is the most successful football team in Italy, the one with the biggest fan base and the most hated. AC Milan is Silvio Berlusconi’s team, I could […]

Cats cats cats…

Cats are all over the internet, everyone seem to be into cats and post pictures of them it’s not funny anymore. Why do I say that while posting a picture of a black cat? I’ve always loved cats, much more than ony other animal, and I’ve always felt like a really special and intimate connection […]

Pandora’s Box

Ok, where did I stop? Right, ‘Fever Pitch’… In the meantime I’ve almost finished reading it, so that means one thing, which is that I thoroughly enjoyed it. For anyone who doesn’t know the book: this is about the author’s (Nick Hornby) relationship with Arsenal, the football club he’s a keen supporter. For anyone who […]

brush stroke number one

No need getting into details right now, but this year has been a though one so far. I had no chance but resorting to my coping skills, and this allowed me to explore myself on a deeper level. That’s not a bad thing after all, however it would be nice if I could do that even […]