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Mi sento un po’ in colpa per aver trascurato questo blog, ero partito bene, motivato, convinto, ispirato. Devo aver però sottovalutato l’impegno che ci vuole a mandarlo avanti regolarmente, o meglio, l’impegno necessario a renderlo esattamente come vorrei che fosse: improvvisamente mi accorgo di aver preteso troppo da me stesso

Deve essere un divertimento, una gioia, uno sfogo, ma non un sacrificio. Non ha nessun senso che io mi sottoponga ad un controllo qualità così severo. Devo dimostrare qualcosa a qualcuno? No. Neanche a me stesso.

E se qualcono mai si chiedesse perchè mai stia scrivendo in Italiano, ecco la risposta: perchè sono stato tacciato di essere ‘elitario’. Un amico, che secondo me capisce l’inglese, ma evidentemente non ha voglia o tempo di sforzarsi a leggere, mi ha accusato proprio di questo, di scrivere solamente per chi è in grado di comprendere. E tutti gli altri? Non meritano nessuna considerazione.

Ho deciso di rispondergli così, voglio proprio vedere se leggerà questo post, e sono curioso di sapere cosa ne pensa…

Finisco qui oggi, e ritornerò quando sentirò spontaneamente il bisogno di comunicare qualcosa.


I feel a little guilty for neglecting this blog, it was a flying start, as I felt motivated, confident, inspired. I must have overlooked the effort needed to get it going steadily, or better, to make it exactly the same as I would like it to be: I suddenly realize I have been expecting too much from me.

It should be fun, joy, an emotional outlet, not some kind of sacrifice. It makes no sense to put myself through such a strict quality control. Do I have to prove anything to someone? No. Not even to me.

And if anyone ever wonders why this post is originally in Italian, here’s the answer: I’ve been accused of being an ‘elitist‘. A friend of mine, who surely understands the english language, but clearly doesn’t have enough time or he’s unwilling to do any effort, told me I write just for people able to comprehend what I say. What about everyone else? They don’t deserve any consideration.

This is my answer, I’m curious about him reading this post and telling me what he thinks about it.

I stop here now, I’ll be back when I’ll spontaneously feel the need to communicate anything.




  1. Trust me, I know how it is. You start a new blog or site, got all those cool ideas plus the intention to post on a regular basis and everything is well and good in the beginning. But all of a sudden you can’t come up with anything decent or are just not in the mood. Call it writer’s block or whatever, I’m pretty sure it happens to all of us. Heck, it just happened to me recently and I still haven’t fully recovered from it.

    And yes, running a blog or site is easier said than done. The one I’m running at the moment is in fact my third attempt. My first one is on hold and basically abandoned since July, while the second one doesn’t even exist any longer (I’ve deleted it). When I was in a similar situation someone told me that it should never feel like work, and if you need some time off, take it. In the end it’s just a hobby.

    And I don’t understand your mate. So he basically calls you an Elitist because you write in English, the predominant language on the web? Don’t know what’s supposed to be wrong with that.

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  2. It’s sad to read your post, but first thing is to make things freely, no one pays you for writing this blog, it’s not a job, so you are your “own boss” somehow. So if you lack of inspiration or will to write down something, then don’t force yourself. Better staying spontaneous.

    Sometimes we cross negative people in life, that are more willing to destroy what others do rather encouraging and helping to build. I think it’s the case of your friend.

    It’s hard to write posts on a daily basis or even a weekly one, maybe you should prepare several posts at the same time and then publish them at the pace you prefer. I do this with drawings for instance.

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  3. “While there is tea, there is hope.” – Sir Arthur Pinero

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