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original with subtitles

Mi sento un po’ in colpa per aver trascurato questo blog, ero partito bene, motivato, convinto, ispirato. Devo aver però sottovalutato l’impegno che ci vuole a mandarlo avanti regolarmente, o meglio, l’impegno necessario a renderlo esattamente come vorrei che fosse: improvvisamente mi accorgo di aver preteso troppo da me stesso Deve essere un divertimento, una […]

I still care Richard, whether you do it or not…

My purpose here is not to write a review of Syro, Aphex Twin’s latest album, as there’s already way too much stuff on the web about it and I won’t be adding anything more useful or interesting. This is more like looking back on how this artist contributed to shaping and defining my musical tastes […]

Controversial Sportsmen vol I – Mario Balotelli

It took me a little longer than expected to write a new post here, I apologize for that. I also apologize for that utterly annoying display of sensitivity in my latest posts, I need to get back to football and regain comfort in a less vulnerable position. Today it’s time for Mario Balotelli, undoubtedly the most […]

turning love around

I’ve been listening to a lot of different music lately, I don’t like to categorize music by using labels but this way it gets easier to be understood, so, here we go: I went  from electronic to indie-rock, back to pop then to dub and then post-punk, some post-rock or hardcore punk, moving freely from […]

simple and sure

I’m not a native english speaker, in fact, I’m Italian, and although I studied English Language and Literature at University, I never lived abroad for a long period. I consider myself to be pretty good at writing in my native language, and this blog could be much less hassle for me if it was in […]

my fever pitch

I live in Rome, Italy, and I’m supposed to be an AS Roma or SS Lazio supporter. In fact, I’m not. I could be a Juventus fan, Juve is the most successful football team in Italy, the one with the biggest fan base and the most hated. AC Milan is Silvio Berlusconi’s team, I could […]

Pandora’s Box

Ok, where did I stop? Right, ‘Fever Pitch’… In the meantime I’ve almost finished reading it, so that means one thing, which is that I thoroughly enjoyed it. For anyone who doesn’t know the book: this is about the author’s (Nick Hornby) relationship with Arsenal, the football club he’s a keen supporter. For anyone who […]